Public Policy Research

Public Policy Research

Sound public policy research rests on transparent, high quality and accurate data. Every important policy question – whether it is the allocation of scarce public health resources or the design of a national pension scheme that best benefits the low income elderly – must be based on information that correctly summarizes the underlying realities.

Being able to take raw data, and convert it into the kind of information that facilitates both policy making and policy analysis, is a capability of DfD. Working in collaboration with academic researchers and international organizations, we have been involved in a number of important public policy endeavors in the areas of labor, population and health.

Specific capabilities include:

preparation of datasets for policy analysis and policy-related research

performing statistical and econometric analyses of data using state-of-the art methodology and software

Summarizing analyses in tables, graphs or charts that makes the information accessible to policy makers and policy analysts

Evaluating existing analyses and making policy recommendations


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