Labor & Employment Law

Labor and Employment Law

Drawing upon well established labor economics theory and methodologies, as well as the principles of statistics, DfD provides leading law firms and Fortune 500 corporations with sound economic analysis in the following areas of labor and employment law:

Alleged Employment Discrimination
DfD performs sophisticated statistical analysis of data for both class action claims and individual plaintiff cases involving hiring, compensation, promotion and termination discrimination. Our depth of knowledge in this field, accompanied by the use of appropriate econometric models, allows us to determine whether statistically significant disparities exist. We place great emphasis on understanding the human resource structure and the decision-making processes of our clients to ensure that our models and approach reflect institutional realities. Our liability reports provide defensible results in a clear, comprehensible format. We have the ability to present complex statistical analyses and conclusions in a manner persuasive enough for experts yet easily understood by layman jurors.

Department of Labor Audits and Investigations
DfD often works with legal counsel on cases in which the client company is facing an audit or investigation by the Department of Labor (DOL). In these cases DfD analyzes company-provided data in order to empirically establish whether there is a statistical basis for the DOL’s concerns and assists clients in preparing appropriate responses. DfD has also been retained to assist companies in instituting DOL-mandated HR system improvements.

Economic Damages
Valuation is a critical component of many engagements we accept involving wrongful termination, breach of contract, discriminatory treatment in the workplace and reductions in the workforce. DfD has extensive experience in the preparation and presentation of economic damages reports for use in employment-related litigation. We use sophisticated models and econometric techniques designed to capture all components of lost earnings. Our team has evaluated expert reports and testimony concerning economic damages in complex and high profile cases.

Expert Testimony and Witness Preparation
DfD has gained a reputation for our litigation consulting services. We provide strategic guidance and practical assistance during all stages of the litigation process, including pretrial discovery, trial strategy, witness preparation and cross examination. We work in tandem with the testifying expert to insure the data is consistent with their assessment of the issues at hand.